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50 Years Serving Our CommunityJK Automotive - Volvo Specialists

A JK Automotive Family Business Story

It’s almost hard to believe. We’ve been in business here in Pasadena since before many of our customers were born; since before I was born. My father built this business on hard work and integrity. He instilled in me through the years growing up that ethics and honesty with our customers would ensure our company survived until I was old enough to step into his shoes. He was right.

John Kefala - JK Automotive; Volvo Specialists

Many other service centers have come and gone over the years – their business practices placed the customer’s best interests second to their own. We have watched many of our competitors with impatience and their exaggerated or miss-leading advertising and service claims. All the while, we have remained steadfast in our exclusive focus on providing the finest Volvo service available, as well as honesty and integrity in our business practices.  The best part? Getting to know you – our friends and loyal customers in the community.

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Mike Kefalas, GM & John Kefalas, Founder

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Mike – General Manager,

JK Automotive – Volvo Specialists



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JK Automotive – Volvo Specialists
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