Do I have to service my Volvo  at the dealership in order to keep my warranty valid?
The answer to this is No. As long as all the services are done by the book and recorded- it will not void factory warranty.
Are used vehicles still covered under factory warranty?
If the vehicle purchased is still under factory warranty then yes it is still covered no matter who owned the vehicle and as long as the vehicle is not salvage title. As long as the vehicle has factory warranty you could also purchase an extended warranty through your local dealer.
Are you an authorized Volvo dealer?
No we are an independent repair facility only the dealers are authorized. Although my employee’s were technicians at the volvo dealership and have all their credentials and authorization through volvo.
How often should i change my oil?
I recommend every 5,000 miles maximum regardless of types of oil used.
What is the difference between synthetic and regular oil, and which do you recommend for my volvo?
Synthetic oil uses a synthetic base and does not break down as quickly. Regular oil uses a crude oil base and can break down sooner. Regardless of quality of oil, the oil still carries harmful debris through your engine and I feel frequent oil changes are important in the longevity of engine life regardless of quality of oil. We use a castrol synthetic bled oil which is a mix of regular oil and synthetic oil- we use a middle of the road oil quality for those people who insist on 7500 mile oil services. Volvo’s do not require synthetic oil.
How often should hoses and belts be replaced?
Hoses should be checked with every major service although is rare to see a major hose fail before 100,000 miles. Serpentine belts are check with every oil change and should be replaced once frayed or cracking occurs. Timing belt should be replaced every ten years or 105,000 miles on certain models, 120,000 miles on other models. Earlier cars range between 30,000 miles and 50,000 miles.
How often should i do a tune-up?
Tune -ups really dont exist any more. with the 2004 and later models spark plugs and filters are changed at different service intervals. Brake fluid is changed every 37,500 miles. Antifreeze is replaced when discolored or every 4 years. Major tune ups with the older models were done every 30,000 miles.
Are There Any Special Signs I Should Look For When Purchasing A Used Car?
Yes see if the seller has service records, perform a carfax or autocheck for accidents reported. Open the hood and remove the oil cap and look under the cap for excessive amounts of carbon or sludge build up and of course make sure a quality repair shop that knows your particular car performs and thorough buyers inspection.
Do you offer vehicle purchase inspection?
Yes we do. We normally charge $110.00 but mention this FAQ and receive $20 off your next purchase. If you purchase the car and bring it back to us for repairs we will credit your repairs the cost of the inspection.


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