Don’t forget to take your Mini in for service here as well! Great service, always thorough, fast and honest. I’ve been taking my Mini Cooper and my Volvo here for decades and have never been anything but pleased with their work. They are the best.


JK Volvo installed a tow hitch on my C30. I was able to have the after market parts shipped directly to them for installation. They even gave me a ride to and from work. Thanks guys! The hitch works perfectly!  


I had the best experience today at JK Volvo. I usually take my V70 to  Rusnak where I purchased it however, I always feel they try to convince me to do more work than is necessary and the prices are outrageous. Today 2 light bulbs were burned out. I called around to avoid going to Rusnak and 2 other  repair shops were not interested and charged even higher prices than the dealer. I luckily found JK Volvo where I met Mike and Danny both were super terrific. They fixed my car quickly and without pressure of any other sales. I’m super happy and will now make JK Volvo  my only repair shop to take my car! Great job  


I can’t say enough about JK Volvo! First, unless your car is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, there is no reason to go to the dealer and pay their outrageous prices for better services that you could get at JK. The owner, Mike has some customers that have been around before I was born, and I always hear customers in the office praise them. Danny, whom I followed over from Rusnak Volvo is so good at hearing you out and making sure your car gets the proper service it deserves. They will never try to upsell you on what you don’t need.

Lastly, I had an issue with a tire on my Ford, and the local tire stores were asking for outrageous prices to plug my tire. Feeling frustrated, I decided to call Mike and Danny to ask who I should bring it to. They told me to bring it in. Not only did they plug it on the spot, but they thanked ME for being a good customer, told me it was “on the house” and told me to get on the road and don’t be late for work!

Where do you get such service today? Rarely anywhere except at JK Volvo. Make the drive and take it there!


These dudes take care of me every time with their honest advice and exemplary work.  Very highly recommended.






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